Read about the new social media use to support student learning policy

Policy, guidance and resources to support schools in using social media as part of learning and teaching programs

The Department has developed a new Social media use to support student learning policy that outlines the requirements for the use of social media by school-based staff to support student learning.

The policy will help schools implement online learning programs that are compliant with legislation, regulation and Department policies, particularly those concerned with child safety and privacy.

The key policy points are:

  • social media may be used by staff to support student learning if there is an appropriate educational purpose
  • social media use must be planned, reflected in school-based curriculum documents, and approved by the school principal or their nominee(s)
  • staff use of social media to support student learning must be consistent with the professional conduct, personal conduct and professional competence expected of a teacher by their colleagues and the community
  • social media use must in all cases comply with relevant legislation and Department policies, including in relation to staff conduct, privacy, copyright, information security and child safety
  • any social media student activity visible to the public must not proceed without consent. This extends to sharing with parents.

Social Media Policy Information Sessions

The Curriculum and Assessment Branch, Learning, Teaching and Pathways Division is hosting free one-hour online information sessions for regional and school staff.

Sessions will provide an overview of the policy, and offer attendees the opportunity to clarify their understanding and identify and address implementation challenges.

See the links below for further information about the sessions or to register:

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