New online Amplify toolkit now available

Find the information you need to implement student voice, agency and leadership initiatives in a single, easy-to-access website

There is a focus on student voice, agency and leadership (SVAL) as a key improvement strategy in schools. Sixty-two per cent of schools included SVAL related improvement strategies in their 2019 Annual Implementation Plans.

Schools are recognising and responding to the evidence about the impact of SVAL on student engagement and learning outcomes.

New resource details

The new Amplify Toolkit will assist teachers to design and apply SVAL initiatives that are appropriate to their school setting. Teachers can use these tools in their classrooms immediately.

The Amplify Toolkit includes:

The resources will help teachers to listen to and to learn from their students. The tools will provide opportunities for them to use their voice and exercise agency.

In the classroom

Students are more engaged and motivated to learn when teachers are responsive to student feedback and adapt their teaching practice to suit students' interests and needs. Aspendale Primary School and Traralgon Secondary College are two schools that used Amplify tools to do this.

Traralgon Secondary College

Recognising that a well-developed sense of agency can help students realise their potential, Traralgon Secondary College focused on empowering students in their learning.

Using the Amplify tools, the school trialled several new SVAL initiatives before implementing them across the school.

'The impact of these new initiatives on students has been very positive. Students acknowledge that they are being listened to. There are opportunities for them to shape their learning, their environment and the changes they would like to see,' says Mike Shone, Senior Campus Principal.

The positive outcomes of including student voice include improved attendance, behaviour, learning and engagement.

Visit video case studies and written case studies for more examples of how schools are implementing SVAL.

Aspendale Primary School

Teachers at Aspendale Primary School used the Amplify tools and resources to embed student voice in all stages of unit planning. The tools have empowered students to make decisions about what and how they learn. The school's aim was to encourage students to be cognitively engaged in their learning.

Students and staff worked together to plan learning approaches that are responsive to student needs. Across the school, students co-designed learning units through an effective and authentic process of planning, feedback and deep reflection.