Thousands of educational videos are only a click away

Teachers can use ClickView in the classroom to support learning and teaching across all curriculum areas

Teachers across Victoria will now have access to a suite of educational videos through a partnership with ClickView. This state-wide licence will provide access for all government schools until 31 December 2022.

What is ClickView?

ClickView's suite of curated, interactive videos are mapped to Victorian curriculum frameworks and support learning and teaching across all curriculum areas.

Video lends itself to new modes of learning. Research shows that the combination of image, motion, sound and text in video footage ignites the senses, provides links to knowledge recall, and improves engagement with learning materials.

Teachers can use ClickView as an interactive resource. They can edit, annotate, share and upload video and related learning materials for use in class. 

ClickView is available at school and home and provides a safe resource for student revision and self-directed learning. ClickView titles can be restricted based on Australian classification standards for age, and students cannot share content outside their own school network.

All primary schools will receive an implementation support pack early in Term 1, 2020.

How do I log in to clickView?

Teachers and students can log in to ClickView by visiting the ClickView website and selecting 'Sign In'. Enter your email address, and select "sign in with eduPass" from the drop down menu.  Then enter your EduPass login details.

Alternatively, to sign in with your existing school login details, select your school from the drop down menu and sign in with your school login credentials.

Login to ClickView
Visit the ClickView website

Professional learning available

Teachers are encouraged to take advantage of free professional learning sessions that will be offered throughout 2020. Sessions will include introductory webinars, specialist academies and customised training within each school, in both face-to-face and virtual formats.

The first introductory webinars for teachers will be facilitated on Thursday 23rd January at 10:30am, Thursday 13th February at 3:30pm and Wednesday 19th February at 3:45pm. These sessions are aimed at providing an introduction to ClickView, learning how to log in, searching for and playing content, and sharing content with your students.  Teachers can register online.

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Access free professional learning sessions

More information

Teachers can now access a range of resources, including information on how to login, by visiting ClickView Victoria.

Access a range of resources
Find out how to log in and more

The Department has conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment for ClickView. If you have any questions relating to privacy or the implementation, email:

For any technical queries, please contact