Support for assessing the language skills of EAL students

The Reading and Vocabulary Assessment for English as an Additional Language (RVEAL) tool is an online resource for EAL teachers

All teachers of EAL students should be aware that RVEAL is an optional tool available to help them assess the English language proficiency of EAL learners from Years 3 to 10.

Teachers can use RVEAL in conjunction with a variety of other assessment activities located on the TEAL website to gain a complete picture of a student's English language proficiency.

RVEAL reports

The assessment provides teachers access to:

  • class-level reports that show how many students are at each stage or level
  • individual reports with detailed information on the skills and knowledge assessed of each student.

RVEAL maps outcomes to match the achievement standards and stages of:

How to access the RVEAL tool

Online questionnaire and teacher judgements 

Teachers will need to provide some additional information in order to access the tool.

To gain access to the RVEAL tool:

An email will then be sent confirming access to the assessments.

Supporting continuous development of the resource

When assessing students using RVEAL, teachers are required to administer RVEAL assessments in the classroom on consecutive weeks.

More information

Access the RVEAL School Guide and more information
Visit the TEAL online assessment resource centre to find out more information about the tool