Literacy in the Mathematics curriculum

The Literacy Teaching Toolkit Levels 7-10 now includes literacy in the Victorian Curriculum F-10: Mathematics

Secondary Mathematics teachers should familiarise themselves with the information and resources available in the toolkit. This will help teachers to enhance their content knowledge and teaching practices to improve student achievement in literacy, and in turn help their students to develop and communicate their mathematical understanding and reasoning.

Literacy in Mathematics

Mathematics has a specific language and literacy demands that teachers need to explicitly teach in order for students to develop and express language in mathematical contexts. The Literacy in Mathematics content includes strategies such as:

  • translating from words to symbols
  • understanding mathematical terms
  • identifying a pattern
  • creating and presenting statistical displays.

The toolkit also demonstrates how literacy can assist students to make sense of complex, worded mathematical problems to decide on appropriate approaches for solving the problem.

Explore literacy in the Mathematics curriculum
Find strategies and tools in introducing literacy to mathematics

Literacy Teaching Toolkit

Teachers should visit the Literacy Teaching Toolkit regularly. In 2020, the toolkit will expand to include new content. This will include the Arts, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Technologies.

The Literacy Teaching Toolkit is important to the Department's objectives and targets. It supports the Education State goals, specifically Learning for life and Breaking the link.

The toolkit also supports the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO). It provides teachers will strategies that illustrate the initiatives of the 'Excellence in Teaching and Learning' component of FISO. This includes the 'High Impact Teaching' and 'Building Practice Excellence' strategies.