New look Maths Curriculum Companion

Explore the new user-friendly Maths Curriculum Companion website for teachers

The Maths Curriculum Companion (MCC) is now available as a website.

The MCC was previously accessed by teachers in interactive portable document format.

The new website format is easier to use and navigate, helping teachers unlock students' maths potential.

Maths Curriculum Companion website

The new Maths Curriculum Companion website is home to learning and teaching resources aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.

Included in the new format are:

  • improved teaching context summaries to support the development of conceptual understanding of each content descriptor of the Victorian Curriculum.
  • improved teaching ideas that provide multiple models of instruction and entry points for learning
  • updated digital resources with a greater focus on improving student understanding and reasoning
  • new search features that allow users to go directly to resources they need by filtering by level, strand and sub-strand. The companion also allows users to view multiple levels and strands at the same time.

The new format means the MCC does not need to be downloaded. It is accessible anywhere and anytime on any device as long as you have access to a web browser.

Mathematics Teaching Toolkit

The Maths Curriculum Companion is a key component of the Mathematics Teaching Toolkit.

The toolkit brings together new and existing numeracy and mathematics resources and supports in an easy to access format.

What's new in the mathematics teaching toolkit  

The Mathematics Teaching Toolkit Map is now available.

The interactive map gives an overview of the key aspects of the toolkit.

The map can be downloaded or printed and used as a quick reference guide.

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Numeracy resources coming soon

The Maths Curriculum Companion will soon include levels A – D curriculum advice, guidance and resources.

These have been developed by teachers who are currently practicing in specialist schools and special development schools.

Further digital resources and additional teaching ideas will continue to be added to the companion.

A new guide to help teachers get the most out of the Numeracy Portal and Maths Teaching Toolkit will also be released soon.