Expand their STEM learning with the CSIRO

The program forges partnerships with industry professionals so they can bring their real life experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) into the classroom

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) are encouraging schools to put up their hands for the STEM Professionals in Schools program.

The national volunteer program helps forge partnerships between schools and industry professionals who can bring real-life STEM experiences that can enhance your student's learning and your own teaching practice.

How the program works

Each partnership is unique and different as the whole program is focused on using each individual's areas of expertise to bring STEM skills to life in the classroom.

The partnerships determine what works best for them and the students, with support from the national STEM Professionals in Schools team. This allows partners to develop their own style and story for the benefit of students, while ensuring an ongoing successful partnership.

The program can work in any number of ways depending on your needs, some of these ideas could be:

  • teacher professional learning from an industry perspective
  • mentoring and one-on-one tutoring
  • site visits and field trips
  • career talks and presentations
  • hands-on demonstrations
  • online engagement.

How to apply

Start the discussion in your school today if you feel you could benefit from the program.

When applying, consider your areas of interest, the sorts of activities you would like to do, and how often you'd like to do them.

It would also be helpful to think about whether you are looking for a local partnership or if a long-distance partnership is preferable that involves online engagement rather than regular face-to-face time.

Explore the program or register your interest
Resources, additional details and contact information are all available online