Experiencing the democratic process in the classroom

Register now for the Victorian Students' Parliamentary Program, which will be held online in 2020

The Victorian Students' Parliamentary Program is open for registrations, with the program being held online in 2020.

The Victorian Students' Parliamentary Program offers students in years 5, 6, 10 and 11 the opportunity to be active participants in democratic processes through:

  • local conventions
  • a Parliament of Victoria school convention
  • the National Convention in Canberra.

The program supports students to engage in the civics and citizenship curriculum and achieve excellence in critical and creative thinking.

Student voice and active civic participation are important aspects of a good education system and a thriving democratic society.

The 2020 Victorian Students' Parliamentary Program

This year, secondary school local conventions will be held online in Terms 3 and 4 due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

The topic of the convention will be 'should the voting age be lowered to 16?'.

Students will be tasked with researching and investigating the topic, and then vote for or against it. Voting closes Friday 7 August.

Further information about the primary school conventions will be provided in Term 3.

In the classroom

As a teacher, you can incorporate the program into your classroom planning by:

  • hosting a local convention at your school
  • linking the experience with the relevant curriculum learning areas in your school context
  • building excitement and encouraging participation in the program. 

Access online resources
Additional information is available to support the delivery of the program in the classroom

Registering for the program

To register for the program, complete the participation form via SurveyMonkey.

More information

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