Amplify modules and webinars for teachers

​Learn how to implement student voice, agency, and leadership initiatives at your school

Professional learning opportunities for teachers on implementing student voice, agency and leadership (SVAL) initiatives are now available.

The free Amplify modules and webinars are primarily for teams of teachers working together to improve SVAL at their school. They can also be adapted by individual teachers striving to improve SVAL in their own classrooms.

Amplify is a student voice practice guide that highlights the central role SVAL plays in improving student outcomes.

The new learning modules and webinars have been developed to help schools to implement SVAL.

Amplify online modules

Amplify online professional learning includes five sequential modules, which will each provide a downloadable workbook for teachers to work through. Each module will step teachers through how to build the knowledge and skills to implement a SVAL initiative.

The professional learning uses a data-driven inquiry approach, containing activities that require online reading and reflection. Other activities will require offline application of the content, skills and knowledge in classroom practice. 

Each module is estimated to be the equivalent of two hours of professional learning, though the time it takes to complete each module will vary depending on the initiative and school context.

Teachers can include the modules in their school professional learning plans and the completed workbooks are valuable assets for the Performance and Development Plan process.

Student voice, agency and leadership webinars

A series of five 60-minute interactive, activity-based Amplify webinars are also available to support and guide teachers through the online modules and lead change in schools. Teachers can register for these optional webinars, for further support implementing SVAL.

The webinars will:

  • motivate and engage participants to create the conditions, employ the practices and develop the environments that are conducive to the promotion of SVAL as outlined in the online modules
  • introduce participants to the range of resources, tools, activities and case studies that are available in the Amplify Toolkit
  • build the knowledge, skills and confidence of middle leaders to lead change in schools and encourage all teachers to get on board with prioritising student voice.

The webinars will be held between Term 1 and Term 3, allowing time between sessions for participants to reflect, plan and enact aspects of the learning and activities they have undertaken.

The five sequential webinars will be held at the end of the school day from 3:45pm – 4:45pm.

  • Term 1, Tuesday 2 March and Thursday 25 March
  • Term 2, Wednesday 28 April and Thursday 3 June
  • Term 3, Wednesday 28 July.

Register via the Arc Professional Learning Platform on the Amplify Channel.

Find out more

For more information, visit the student voice practice guide (Amplify).

To view the design and implementation of SVAL initiatives in a range of government schools, refer to: