High Impact Teaching strategies online catalogue

Explore the catalogue for guidance on strategies to boost student learning


Teachers can now look to a new High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) catalogue, developed by the Department to provide specific guidance about instructional practices to help promote student learning. 

HITS are drawn from Australian and international study findings and are a key component of the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model (VTLM). 

What’s in the catalogue? 

The HITS Catalogue contains more than 130 resources to support and inspire teachers to extend their current teaching practice. The resources have been selected to offer teachers quality classroom activities and pedagogical approaches and ideas that can be easily adapted for different subjects and contexts. 

The HITS Catalogue extends the range of resources available to teachers, enhancing the breadth of the original guidance and references contained in the HITS Guide. It includes high-quality podcasts, videos, case studies, webinars, lesson plans, short articles and classroom-based activities supporting professional development. 

Across all 10 HITS, teachers will discover a range of in-depth, quality evidence-based resources to support best practice. 

For teachers looking to strengthen their differentiated teaching practice (HITS 10), the Differentiating Instruction: It's Not as Hard as You Think video can help. The video: 

  • dispels myths 
  • provides concise definitions
  • gives great examples of differentiated instruction that fosters positive classroom culture and strong student-teacher relationships. 

For teachers interested in developing questioning techniques, HITS 7 includes podcasts that cover both theory and practice, such as: 

 To access the catalogue 

The HITS Catalogue is available through the VTLM page on FUSE. The catalogue is organised by strategy and presented as interactive tiles, through which the full list of individual resources can be accessed. 

Each resource is linked to key Victorian Curriculum areas, with tips to support the adaptation of content for different teaching contexts. 

The extensive professional learning resources within the HITS Catalogue can be used to support collaborative professional learning and development, for example through PLCs and Learning Area Team discussions. 

The resources also provide valuable stimulus for whole-school professional learning. 

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