Victoria has implemented an online model for anaphylaxis training, utilising the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) e-training for Victorian Schools.

This new approach has been informed by advice from medical experts and our valued school stakeholders. The benefits of the ASCIA e-training course include reduced burden on schools and increased quality and consistency of training.

To support schools to undertake the e-training, a small number of staff in each school will be trained to be able to assess other staff’s competency in using an autoinjector in person.

This forms part of Victoria’s ongoing commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all children and young people.

School Anaphylaxis Management Policy: Ministerial Order 706

Under Ministerial Order 706 any school that has enrolled a student/s at risk of anaphylaxis must by law have a School Anaphylaxis Management Policy in place.

The Guidelines for Managing Anaphylaxis in all Victorian Schools are designed to support schools in developing and implementing a best practice School Anaphylaxis Management Policy.

Guidance for developing a School Anaphylaxis Policy has been developed to assist schools to create their own anaphylaxis management policy.

For more information regarding the legislative requirements of Ministerial Order 706, and supporting information and resources, see:

Read the full anaphylaxis policy
Available in the Policy and advisory library

Guidelines for managing anaphylaxis

Guidelines have been developed to assist all Victorian schools to meet their duty of care to students at risk of anaphylaxis and to support those students.

The Guidelines include information on:

  • medical information about anaphylaxis
  • legal obligations of schools in relation to anaphylaxis
  • School Anaphylaxis Management Policy
  • staff training
  • Individual Anaphylaxis Management Plans
  • risk minimisation and prevention strategies
  • school management and emergency responses
  • adrenaline autoinjectors for general use
  • Communication Plan
  • Risk Management Checklist
Read anaphylaxis guidelines
Available in the Policy and advisory library

Training requirements

In 2016 Victoria transitioned to a new online model for anaphylaxis training to support schools to meet this requirement and to improve schools' capacity to provide safe learning environments for young people with severe allergies.

Read about Ministerial Order 706
Available in the Policy and advisory library
Read about anaphylaxis training requirements
Available in the Policy and advisory library

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