Use an interpreter or translator

This information has moved to the new Policy and Advisory Library (PAL). The content is an archive only and is no longer being maintained. For accurate advice visit PAL.

Free interpreting and translating services for government schools to communicate with families for certain activities.

Interpreting services are also available for early childhood services​.

What you need to tr​​anslate

If you have students or families who do not have English as their first language, you must make sure information about school programs and student progress is available in their first language. You can use the translating service for this.

The free translation service is not available to assist individual students in classrooms (including full fee paying international students), for curriculum activities or events such as graduations or performances. For services to assist individual students in classrooms, see: EAL for teachers.

Eligible activities

The service can be used for:

  • parent teacher interviews
  • information dissemination
  • discussions about educational progress, integration, careers/pathways, welfare or discipline. The student year level must be recorded.
  • student services assessments. The nature of the assessment (E.g. speech pathologist, psychologist, social worker, and visiting teacher) must be included in the booking. In addition, the student year level must be recorded.
  • discussions about transition to primary school
  • discussions about student enrolment. The student year level must be recorded. If enrolling more than one student from the same family, include year levels of all students being enrolled.

Other activities are available if approved beforehand.

See the full guidelines for using interpreting and translating services (doc - 116.5kb)

Book an on-site interpreter

You can book on-site interpreters via  LanguageLoop for the approved activities in the guidelines above.​ We recommend you book as early as possible.

To apply for a new client account, see:  LanguageLoop Client registration

Book a telephone interpreter

LanguageLoop also provides a telephone interpreting service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Telephone interpreting may not be appropriate in some circumstances or if an interview is likely to be longer than 60 minutes.

For instructions on using the telephone interpreting service or a list of interpreting phone numbers, see the LanguageLoop information kits. Or call LanguageLoop on 03 9280 1955 for more information.

LanguageLoop can also offer video interpreting services.

Translate school notices

Translation services are not normally available for Department-funded services unless there are extenuating circumstances. Direct your enquiries to the appropriate contact listed in the guidelines above.

You may request translation of other documents that are within the above guidelines and maximum word limits

To request translation services, complete the Translation booking request form (pdf - 230.1kb) and contact  LanguageLoop via:

  • telephone (03) 9280 1941.

Electronic documents for translation can be uploaded via the client portal.

Service contract

Interpreting and translating services are provided to schools by LanguageLoop on behalf of the Department through a tender process.  LanguageLoop currently holds the contract until the end of June 2020.

For more information about LanguageLoop, see:

To view an online version of the LanguageLoop welcome kit which has been distributed to all schools, see:

If you need translation outside the guidelines

If you need to translate a document or conversation that is not within the guidelines, you can contact LanguageLoop or another accredited interpreting and translating agency, who will bill you directly.

Multilingual school notices

Nineteen commonly used notices are available in a number of languages.

An index and English version of the notices is available so schools understand the content of the notices and where information relevant to specific schools or events should be inserted in the translations.

List of multilingual school notices

English Multilingual School Notices (docx - 125.75kb) I (pdf - 383.84kb) - contains the following school notices:

  1. Information Regarding Parent Participation
  2. Participation in Parent Teacher Interview
  3. Special Event/Meeting/Function
  4. Prep Intake
  5. Student Excursion Consent Form
    (for excursions not requiring School Council approval)
  6. End of Term
  7. No School
  8. Travel Card
  9. Exit from English Language School/Centre
  10. Medical Condition
  11. Immunisation Record
  12. Parent Payments
  13. Student Absence
  14. Swimming Program
  15. Meeting Request
  16. Items Required for an Excursion
  17. Student Attendance Times and Before and After School Supervision
  18. Student Excursion Consent Form
    (for excursions requiring transport in a privately owned vehicle with principal approval and not requiring School Council approval)
  19. Medical Information for School Council Approved Excursions

Multilingual school notices collections by language