Manage and record attendance

This information has moved to the new Policy and Advisory Library (PAL). The content is an archive only and is no longer being maintained. For accurate advice visit PAL.

This page includes the minimum requirements for recording school attendance. Your school's attendance policy will have more details on who records attendance and when it happens.

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Record attendance

Attendance must be recorded at least:

  • twice per day for primary and specialist schools
  • in every class for secondary schools.

Records must include:

  • If the student was physically present or not.
  • If the student was attending a different approved activity (the teacher running that activity must also record attendance).
  • Any reasons given for an absence.
  • If the reason for the absence is reasonable​ (under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006).
  • A flag for unexplained absences​ (removed if a reason is given later).
  • Information about any unsatisfactory attendance at school or classes.
  • A mark for half-day attendance if the student is present for at least two hours of instruction.

All students must have their attendance recorded, even if they only attend part time or have an exemption. If a student is not expected at school for these reasons, use code 802 (Exempt) in CASES21.

The providers of curriculum programs outside school grounds also need to record attendance and give this information to the school. The school logs it in their attendance software.

Monitor attendance data

Principals should make sure attendance data is regularly monitored and analysed to look for patterns.

Patterns of absences can be on a school, class or individual level.

Having accurate data, including the reasons for absences, is important for:

  • developing improvement strategies for students
  • reporting for funding requirements
  • use as evidence for school attendance officers, infringement notices or court proceedings if a parent is not meeting their legal obligations.

Attendance systems and software

Government schools must only use these applications to record attendance:

  • CASES21
  • eCASES21
  • Or third party software which is compatible with CASES21. If you use third party software, the data must be imported into CASES21 monthly. Compass, GradeXpert and uEducateUs automatically imports data each week.

Schools must ensure their system for recording and monitoring student attendance:

  • meets school attendance guidelines and legislation
  • discharges schools' duty of care for all students
  • enables the school governing body to report on student attendance annually
  • meets VCAA requirements (for VCE students).