Safety guidelines for education outdoors

This information has moved to the new Policy and Advisory Library (PAL). The content is an archive only and is no longer being maintained. For accurate advice visit PAL.

The Safety Guidelines for Education Outdoors are mandatory for all excursions, which include:

  • overnight excursions
  • camps
  • interstate and overseas visits
  • excursions requiring sea or air travel
  • excursions involving weekends or vacations
  • adventure activities.

How to use the guidelines

It is important that you are familiar with the planning and approval process and document all steps taken.

  1. Begin planning:
    • Review the planning summary for an overview of the main issues to consider before undertaking detailed planning
    • Where adventure activities form part of the program, also read the relevant activity guidelines. If the activity does not have guidelines, apply the recommendations for activities without guidelines.
  2. Understand the responsibilities of your role
    • Understand what you are responsible for, what documentation needs to be submitted and to whom.
  3. Consider the risks associated with an activity
  4. Have your excursion approved
    • A completed principal approval form must be submitted for all programs requiring involving overnight excursions, camps, interstate and overseas travel, excursions involving travel via sea or air, excursions involving weekends and vacations and adventure activities. This must be approved by the principal prior to the excursion starting.

Get advice

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School Operations and Governance Unit

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