Literature unit of work: F - level 2, Little Beauty by Anthony Browne

About the text

​​Text: Little Beauty
Anthony Browne, Brun Limited, 2008

F – Level 2

This is a warm story of friendship. A gorilla learns to communicate using sign language. Although he appears happy, he signs to his keepers that he is sad. The keepers bring him a tiny kitten. The gorilla and the kitten become the best of friends.

The text contains:

  • sensing verbs in past tense – wanted, needed
  • adjectives to describe feelings – happy, sad, angry
  • ellipsis to indicate pause
  • dialogue
  • fairy tale beginning and ending – Once upon a time… happily ever after
  • use of different sized font
  • visual elements – gaze (offer and demand), size and framing of illustrations, colour to indicate emotions, close up.



Proforma 1: Analysing Texts (docx - 206.52kb)

Proforma 2: Comparing Picture Storybooks (docx - 207.95kb)

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