Recruiting industry professionals to become TAFE teachers

The Victorian Government's 'Know How Show How' TAFE teacher incentive program aims to support hundreds of experienced workers to retrain and enter the TAFE system as teachers.

After all, every course taught at TAFE needs an industry expert with the know-how to teach it.

The $10,000 incentive payment is designed to help make the transition to a new career a less-challenging reality for skilled industry professionals looking to take the leap into a new career.

Know How Show How TAFE teacher incentive program communication resources for promotion

We have communication resources for industry associations and key government departments to help you promote opportunities to your audience – many of whom may be skilled industry professionals.

These include a communications kit (template text for website/newsletter, social captions and images), fact sheet and social media images.

Use these materials on your communication channels and you could be showing someone the way to a new career – one they may never have considered before!

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