Remuneration for TAFE board chairs and directors

‚ÄčThe remuneration of both the chair and director positions on TAFE institute Boards is determined by two factors: the classification of TAFE institutes and eligibility.

Classification of TAFE institutes

TAFE institutes are classified as Group A (either Band 3 or Band 4) organisations under the Appointment and Remuneration Guidelines  (the Guidelines).

Remuneration levels differ between directors and chairs due to the additional responsibility placed on chairs. The remuneration range for chairs and directors can be found in the Appointment and Remuneration guidelines.


Eligibility requirements can be found in the the guidelines. These must be read in conjunction with Schedule 2 clause 3(3) of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 which prohibits a director of a TAFE institute board being remunerated if they hold a full-time Government office, or a full-time position in the public service, teaching service, or with a statutory authority (other than a university).